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We have everything you need from
a magnet to a full gps system


Call Gene at 843-830-3221 or TJ at 843-214-0231

Welcome to Gene's Tracking Supplies

We specialize in all Quick Track Products for tracking dogs from the weekend coon hunter, to the hard core deer hunter. This system is also great for upland bird dog tracking too. Take a look around and let us know if there is anything that you need for your Tracking Experience. Call Gene for a better deal today! One year warranty collars only $125 and three year $155. Allow about a week on anything ordered from Quick Track. We will be closed on Saturdays starting August 15 for hunting season, all calls will be answered the following business day. Also will be closed August 15. We also carry a full line of Garmin, from Astro to Alpha, from DC-50 to TT-15 and everything in between.



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